Sunday, April 19, 2009


This post has had a long incubation period. Significant quantities of research about the retailer Uwajimaya were required. This would only be understandable to anyone sharing my deep antipathy to the superstore paradigm that derives from the WalMart model of doing business.
As far as I can tell, those problems are not an issue at Uwajimaya, perhaps due to the fact that this company remains a family operated business and the traditional Japanese strong loyalty to employees has been retained.

Uwajimaya has been on my radar since my first trip to Seattle in 2005. Lots of people rave about this store. It is 60,000 square feet of Asian retail, with a core business of Pan-Asian groceries. Everything from Hawaiian to Thai, Filipino to Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and beyond.

The portion of an aisle you see here, is nothing but soy sauce.

Produce in varieties you know and some you can only guess at are on display.

You can select fish as fresh as it comes.

Or slightly less fresh fish to compose a soup or broth.

Uwajimaya Village

There is a food court with multiple service areas and a plethora of offerings. I had the steamed BBQ pork hom bow and some hot and sour soup.



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