Monday, June 8, 2009

Elizabeth Johns at the Art Depot

On Sunday the Arts Depot in Abingdon held the opening reception for Elizabeth Johns' latest exhibition. Elizabeth has recently been experimenting with making small pieces in acrylic on board after many years of working almost exclusively in oil on canvas. In her artist statement, she indicates that she is enjoying the ability to work quickly with the fast drying time of acrylic. This frees her to capture images "before they can skitter away."

Many of the paintings in the exhibition can be accessed at the artist's website.

A friend snapped a photo of Elizabeth and myself.

The reception began at 2pm and when I arrived at 2:15 a goodly portion of the paintings already sported little red sold tags, including the one above. I think it was called Two Views and portrays the woman catching what look like pearls while the gentleman relinquishes a handful of tears.

This series is called The Wooing.

My friend Ginny purchased the two paintings on the bottom left and bottom right of this grouping. She says the depictions represent her daughter and herself.



  1. I hope you don't mind me posting here. So sorry for the delay in replying, as you can see on my blog (My Artful Adventures) I am having a bit of a hard time the last few weeks. You sent me a message regarding my "Blogs n Stuff" site and I wanted to try to help. Please send me an email at regarding what you would like to change and I will see if I can help. :) Cassandra

    1. Hello, I'm looking to contact Elizabeth Johns the artist as I bought a wonderful piece by her in 1989 and would love to see her new stuff. Any new information or web address would be appreciated. Thanks or hit me up on Facebook!

  2. Hi Carina!

    I was just catching up and going through some of my old Artfest Yahoo group messages and saw your link. Nice to put your face with your name! These paintings a just beautiful! YOU are very talented!

    Catherine Witherell