Sunday, August 16, 2009

I thought we were past the season of baby birds....

... but the fragile shell of this recently vacated egg was discovered on my morning walk. In some nearby tall bush or tree, two birds will raise a second summer family.

It is mid-August and the garden is trying on a different color scheme.
Brown eyed Susan that earlier bloomed alongside sweet scented phlox and daisies now accompany Japanese anemone and perennial begonia.

Pink turtle-head or chelone blooms in the moderate shade found under the maple trees and signals the waning of another summer season.

Flamboyantly red perennial hibiscus brightens the fairly sunny northwestern corner of our lot. Grown in good rich soil, this plant will quickly turns into a four to six foot tall bush every spring (dying to the ground over winter). The flowers are also amazingly large at ten inches across.

I knew it the first night the datura began blooming this summer. Coming home late, after nightfall, I opened my car door and the scent immediately gave them away. Scent alone is adequate reason to grow this plant, but the large, lovely, white, night flowering blossoms aren't too hard to take as a bonus.

A small spider awaits opportunity on a hosta leaf.

And bumble bees emit a comforting, buzzy drone as they energetically work the Japanese anemones.


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