Sunday, January 10, 2010

Zazzy'Z - A Near Fiasco

This past Sunday afternoon, five of my collage and spray paint works were hung at Zazzy'Z - consider it the grand culmination of half thought-out plans. Last fall, Jan Hurt asked for participants in this show at Zazzy'Z, a local coffee house, bookstore and gallery. I knew that this would push me to frame and get pieces to a finished state, so I agreed to participate.

Right after Christmas, ready-to-assemble metal frames were purchased on a 40% discount at the A.C. Moore hobby store chain in Asheville. Eight days prior to the 'hang date,' I picked out mat colors and ordered them cut at Carl Jessee's Frame Shop. One or two of the mat colors were not in stock and would need to be ordered, putting the mats ready at just one day prior to the hang date. This would cut it close, but it seemed feasible.

Saturday morning the fresh mats were picked up. Next, I purchased a large sheet of Optiplex, a type of Plexiglas, at the local Lowe's. After I had calculated the layout to optimize materials, the young male employee cut the Optiplex for me. This was much more economical than having the frame shop cut and provide this material.

Saturday evening, I begin assembling components. The first frame goes together without a hitch and looks lovely. Then the process goes sour. For some inexplicable reason, I purchased the wrong size frame components in Asheville. Aack! Some sort of strange brain malfunction is playing itself out.

To obtain replacement components I will need to make a trip to Michael's. I have a choice of two store locations, each about 25 miles from my home. An internet search reveals that the stores open at 10 am on Sunday morning. I decide to go to Kingsport, figuring that if Michael's does not have everything I need, there is also a Hobby Lobby in Kingsport.

Par for the course, Michael's does not have what I need. The pictures will have to be in uniform black frames, as silver- and gold-tone frame components are not available there in the odd inch sizes that I require. But but but! There are only two 21-inch black frame components, and three are required to complete all of the frames. And it turns out that Hobby Lobby is not even open on Sundays.

A phone call to another far-away Michael's (25 miles to Johnson City) puts the remaining 21-inch frame component on hold for me. After picking that up, I arrive home a little after noon and about an hour and a half before pieces are due to be hung.

Hurry, hurry, scurry, scurry - I arrive just before the appointed hour of 2pm, still attaching picture hanging wire, but it all works out!

All total, I put about 140 miles on the car Sunday. I met my obligations and I learned a few lessons about the process and time-lines, to boot. As a bonus, there are 4 frames just waiting for art work. Some projects are definitely clamoring for my time and attention.


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  1. Sorry there was such a big hassle - maybe it's that way for every artist....
    But your stuff REALLY looks so good!!! I'm not even kidding a little bit!!!
    So fun to see "Tom Jones, What's New Pussy Cat"! with all that awesome stencil work.
    You rock!