Sunday, February 21, 2010

Low + Slow = Delicious

If you plan to indulge in bacon, and these days anyone that is health conscious will likely deem it an indulgence, make it as wonderful as possible. Start with some of the best bacon you can find. I like the thick sliced variety, preferably with fewer or no chemicals.

Lay the bacon on a lipped plain baking sheet in a single layer and slide it into a 225-250 degree oven. Bake it for somewhere between 2 and 3 hours. Along the way the fat slowly renders out. Pour the fat off every 30-45 minutes. Half way through turn the strips over.

The finished bacon has exceptional flavor and is crisp throughout.

It is intensely bacony and delicious. While this method is time consuming, it requires minimal involvement in the actual process and there is no greasy splatter. The smell is pretty wonderful too.

Try it and you may become a convert.


  1. You're right - this method is slow. We use it and are always satisfied with the results. Those photos make me hungry!

  2. Yummy. That sounds really good. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I left the following comment after yours:

    Ooops! Blogger cut off the edges of my picture. You can't see the tangled mess of wires just to the right. It looks kind of like the snake pit from Raiders of the Lost Ark. (I don't like the dark green wire either, but it's not the eyesore the tangled mess is)

    Thanks for your help. You are a sweetie.

    - Teresa