Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grashow at the Taubman

Not quite two years ago, I spent the day in Roanoke, Virginia. The new art Museum would open the next week on November 8th. Finally, a road trip up Interstate 81 had enough wiggle room time-wise to allow to checking out the Taubman.

Designed by Tennessee born and raised architect Randall Stout, the museum cost $66 million and features American Art with an emphasis on on the artistic expressions of the Western Virginia and the Appalachian region.

The current show that captured my fancy is entitled Corrugated Fountain, "The Cardboard Bernini". It was created by James Grashow.

Here is a link to an intriguing 5 minute youtube video where the artist speaks about the genesis of his concept.


The installation is fairly large and you can walk in between the various pieces and take photographs, which of course is what I did. My next post will share those photos.

Come back and see it soon.


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