Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post # 100 - Celebrating with a Give-Away

This is it!

The milestone 100th post for 2010 is up and as promised in an earlier post, there will be a give-away, albeit a modest one.

Leave a comment following this post and you will be entered into a drawing to win a set of postcards designed by me and suitable for mailing. In order to encourage snail-mail art, I will include postage with each card.

Most of the postcards will consist of color copies on heavy paper, but I will include one or two original postcards, more if we get some snow days off work. A winner will be selected by random drawing in one week on January 2, 2011 and will be one of my earliest posts in the new year.

So, in your comment tell me something having to do with snail mail. Tell me what you still send or about something cool that came recently or a pen pal you had as a kid. Tell me about the terrors of the post office (lost and damaged items) or about your mail carrier. Good tales, bad tales - all are acceptable.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Good Luck
as the French say
Bonne Chance
the Swedes
Lycka Till!



  1. The Post Office- I live in a good size city near Boston, only my PO is just a holding center. It is always an adventure to try and mail anything. One person working and they must chat with everyone. A few years back i went at the holiday season, BIG LONG line. I was probably 8th in line ( which is about a 45 min wait). The postal worker, helps the next person and then looks at his watch and leaves. 5 minutes later, still gone. The line is going crazy, more people are coming in, and no one is replacing him. A good 15 minutes later, he comes back and resumes as if nothing ever happened. We assumed he went on his coffee break!

  2. Any Give A Way is a good one! Don't down play your wonderful postcards! Love the MailBox!!!! Want one! LOL! have a great New Year and congrats on your 100th post! OH! Wallace and Grommit!
    Terri N-W

  3. What a very cool idea - I actually just received a Christmas card - not from this year - but from last year - it truly made a trip around the world - AND came postage due!

  4. And via Facebook from
    Marci Burnett - I always enjoy how you use material in such unique ways!

  5. Last year we received one of "Those" long letters from a relative for Christmas. It was in fact 2 years worth as she had not sent one the previous year. The two together were such a comedy of errors that we read it aloud at the table for New Years. Everyone in tears from the laughing. I'm thinking of writing a short narrative play with ideas taken from this family letter. It could be a hit.

  6. OMG!! MUST, MUST, MUST have that hand reaching for the post box!! (I collect hand themed things-long story, but email me if you want to know the details.)

    Congrats on 100! Great milestone. I'm well over 1000 myself, which creeps up on you when you're not looking. ;)

    I took the ROD class last year (well the earlier part of 2010, which is about to become "last year".) Any of these postcards would look great sewn into an ROD page.

  7. Just found your blog, congratulations on your 100th post. I got a Christmas card from my husband via snail mail. It is so much fun to get something besides bills, and he made me feel special.

  8. I LOVE mail art. I joined a little mail art chain letter type of thing a few years ago. I think I mailed like 5 things to five people on this list and I'm STILL receiving the most amazing art from all over the world to this day. Really worthwhile and lots of fun!

  9. Carina-I tried to leave you a comment but my computer said Nope not today!
    Not sure if it's your settings or mine? Oh well, love your mail box! :-D

  10. Well, good morning my new friend. Interesting, how I discovered you on the anniversary of your 100th blog. I seem to be attracted to your subtle wit, that you travel through my favorite Wisconsin, that you work in neuropsych-therapy (my hubby is six months into a dementia decline), and that you exhibit intellect, creativity, pride (in your family), and great character.

    (How big is your head now?)

    Anyway, glad I found you. I'll be back often.
    Many sweet blessings and deep peace to you.
    Chris in the California Redwoods

  11. I owe you a Christmas PC and this post and giveaway has inspired me to get on it!!! Congratulations on your 100th blog post...I always like reading about what you've been up to.
    My story...I just love mail art...wanna get it and wanna send it.

  12. Just found you from Latest Trends yahoo group do great stuff.

    I'm all for promoting snail's such a thrill to get stuff in the old shows time and effort put forth, instead of texting or email. I still do 30-40 Xmas cards every year and get almost that many in return, even though most aren't handmade. I also do birthday cards and send them to close friends and family.

  13. Postcard? Snail mail? Postage? (How do you pronounce that, anyway? Poh-stahj is my best guess. These are ananchronistic historical activities and items. Are you a time-traveler?

  14. Congratulations on your 100th post!
    Amid the snow and ice, your cards would
    warm things up.

  15. Congrats on your 100th post.

    I have the best mailman. Frequently brings packages to the door and waits for me to answer, waits patiently as I finish sealing a letter for him to take, and adds postage if needed rather than having the package returned (outs a note in our mailbox with the amount due to him). He is a gem! Our post office is busy but the people behind the desks are very efficient and friendy as wells as helpful all the time.

  16. As I said previously, I am a huge fan of postcard contests, and snail mail and stationary in general. Always a pleasure to check the mail and find a pretty envelope for Andrenne.

  17. Just found you through the ROD Yahoo group...I got the class as a prezzie...yea!

    Snail mail is something I support 100%...I love sending my friends postcards or packages...sending RAKs to people who might never expect them...and using a creative assortment of postage stamps to do so. I have a bunch of old stamps that my Dad collected...and I use them for artwork as well as for postage. Fun to use & my artist friends love getting them.

  18. oh, I love postcard mail art! I have traded about 500 fiber art & mixed media postcards through the USPS all over the world...haven't done much lately due to the higher postage rates...the last time I sent a mailart postcard the postal clerk charged me "small parcel" rates! WHAT?! ... well, I have to admit my art cards are a bit over the top with embellishments ...LOL...

  19. I live in Utah and my son is living in California for the next couple of years. We have been e-mailing, but he suddenly decided he prefers snail mail. There is something about seeing a person's handwriting that is like hearing their voice. And when he writes postcards, he writes them in circles, starting at the edge and working his way into the middle. It is very cool. He would love getting handmade postcards from me, as well. (If I don't win, I think I will at least make a set of postcards to send to him.) Thanks for sharing! Samm

  20. Congrats on your 100th post!

    I am the worst at sending snail mail. But when a dear friend moved to SC and was all forlorn leaving family and friends, I have surprised her and myself by mailing her some little tidbit in the mail once a month! ... Maybe next year I should join the many in mailing Christmas cards. Probably won't happen.

    I found you through ROD, btw.

  21. Found you through the art journal group. I've been a collector of postcards, esp. vintage, my whole life. Love sending & receiving them. A couple of years ago, our local carrier was found with hundreds of pounds of mail! Just didn't feel like working? or hoarding the good stuff? seems like we were getting those bills!

  22. Carina, what beautfiul designs! I LOVE to send and receive snail mail. My postal workers are always so complimentary when I bring something in. They ask questions and hold it up for everyone to see. It's just a ton of fun all the way around, isn't it?

  23. Ooops! Forgot to add my blog. I have mail art there, so take a look.

  24. I can't believe my comment was under the wrong thing! I am truly a day late & a dollar short ! Your art is beautiful - I love the postcards - I am afraid I would probably frame them for myself despite the fact they are mailable ! I love mailing well decorated envelopes & packages and have received comments like - but it's too beautiful too open but I am trying to fill my home with only original art & so far a block print by a NH artist - beautiful calligraphic place mats (2) by a Japanese woman - a gift & some of my work, so your work would be a welcome addition!!
    Happy New Year to all & may the most fortunate woman win-

  25. My Post Master at our small Post Office knows me by name, and by my wacky Mail Art. She's tickled to see my latest creations, as I need her to weigh them and usually ask for her to hand stamp them as well. Happy New Year Carina!

  26. Here's my art blog as well:

  27. I may well be the only male to leave a comment, and I can always hope that living a quarter-mile from Carina gives me an advantage. As a boy growing up in a very rural area of Kentucky with terrible TV reception, the mail was one of my two pipelines to the world of imagination. The other one was the library. There was no greater thrill than receiving a special treat in the mail, usually the result of mailing $1.00 and three cornflakes boxtops to a PO box in faraway exotic Chicago. Many of my most prized possessions would today be regarded as worthless trinkets, but their magic lay not in their material worth but by having come via mail from the Great Elsewhere.