Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jennifer Street - Madison, Wisconsin - August 2012


These are adjectives easily applied to Jennifer Street. Jenny Street runs parallel to and one block over from the busier Williamson Street in the Marquette neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin. This neighborhood is one of Madison's oldest with a plethora of architectural styles, including Greek Revival, Italianate and Arts & Crafts bungalows. 

During my recent trip to Wisconsin, I inhabited this vicinity while staying at my sister-in-law's house between Willy and Jenny Streets. While strolling on Jenny Street, I photographed these two yards, about a block apart.

Obviously not available at the big box stores, these yard art dogs have none too shiny, gravel teeth...

 ...and sport dark sunglasses.

Serious party animals, these two.
 I'm willing to bet they howl just fine when the moon is full.

 You may have seen painted bowling balls utilized as yard art before, but these demonstrate the power of quantity and repetition.

The pink zinnias set off the blue bowling balls, offering a pleasing counterpoint.

The lady of the house was sitting on the screened in porch and she came out to chat.

One of her favorite features in the yard are the moon flowers shown here in bud. She grew them from seed.

Stay tuned for more trip photos.



  1. Impressing!And those moon flowers...amazing.Me want.

  2. What a great sense of humor these folks have! I'm in love with the "blue bottle" bush. Thanks for sharing. - chris from TTV class.