Monday, February 11, 2013

A Deli Lady and the Public Library to the Rescue

What's a woman to do? Sometimes it takes complex problem solving skills and the nerves of a bomb squad technician to work around the current post office set-up.

The dilemma
 a large envelope that must be weighed to ascertain correct postage  And a work schedule that is the same as post office hours. My usual solution is to mail packages on Saturday mornings, but last Saturday morning had other priorities. Last time I checked, there was a scale in the post office lobby that could be used after window hours.

Guess What? 

The self service postal scales have been removed from the lobby. I really wanted to mail the envelope out this weekend, it contained not only  W-2's for the daughter, but also a handmade Valentine postcard that was too textured to travel well outside an envelope.

Next stop in my afternoon errands was the pharmacy. Thinking they weigh things, I brought the envelope in. It was a No Go there. It seems their scale is set up to weigh such light things they would need to recalibrate their scale to accommodate me.

Stop three the grocery. The Deli lady was happy to help me out. My envelope weighed .13 pounds, bringing me one step closer to a solution. Groceries loaded into the car, the next destination was the library.


The library has public access computers. I generally use the library one town over and that is where my card is, so I had to register as a guest. The librarian warned me that they were closing soon and I only had minutes to complete my task. Logging on, there were 2 minutes and 35 seconds to work with. First the easy conversion of .13 pounds to  2.08 ounces. Next step was finding correct the table of current postage rates. This proved slightly more challenging. The first table was too complex and lengthy for the time available to
  scan and extract needed information. A different link took me to a simpler table. This envelope required $1.32 to reach Richmond. I closed the computer with 40 seconds to spare, feeling a little like a bomb squad technician.

Lastly, a few stamps and a quick trip to the post office and my envelope was headed to Richmond.



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