Sunday, May 12, 2013


Perhaps I am in my cardboard phase. The last two swaps I did with the yahoo journaling group- Creative Art Journaling were made from cardboard.

This group is small, with 19 members currently and was founded at the beginning this year. There are different prompts each month. In April the challenge was entitled  * Surprise Party *  and we were to choose your own theme.

I choose to play with the concept of moving parts, hence the label  kinetic.
On the upper right, a matchbox is set into a cut made into the layers of cardboard and a bead was wired in place to serve as a drawer pull. The box opens and closes. A small plastic dog is the  *surprise* found when you open the drawer. This photo shows the open position.

Three small balls roll back and forth in the lower slot. Balls are lightweight, made with Paperclay so they do not wear out their cardboard run. One is blue and the other two are white.The window is made from a sheet of mica.

The word  kinetic  is set on a slant to be more dynamic than would the word in the more normal horizontal position. My admiration for the artist Joseph Cornell and his influence on my constructions are evident in this piece.

It was a fun piece to but complex piece to make. I hope Danita in Campbell River, B.C. Canada likes her page. She was my swap partner for April.


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