Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pacific Crossing

Just got a Facebook post from a nephew that merits a share. He and his wife Lily and 2 other women just made first landfall on a Pacific Ocean crossing in an older 30 foot fiberglass sailboat. The boat, a cape dory style boat is named Portal. After 24 days at sea they are in the Northern Marquesas, a blip of an island on the map in the Pacific.

Lydia, Lily, Charlie and Barbara
The crew

The Passenger

Their daring adventure is detailed on Lily's blog linked below.

As an introduction to Charlie and Lily, I have included this blog post from my archive about their 3-day, hippie extravaganza wedding.


Maybe I was that daring once upon a time, but the thought of such a small boat on such a big ocean is a frightening concept now. I knew they were going, but I am glad they have made something like the half way mark on that big slice of ocean.


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