Friday, February 6, 2009

In Sweden, coffee is a religion

Through Misty Mawn's "Art Every Day" project, I met Lotta Helleberg on the internet. She is a Swedish textile designer that, lo and behold, resides in Charlottesville.
Swedish is a language I speak, though not as fluently as I would like with so little opportunity to practice. Lotta & I set up a coffee date at Shenandoah Joe's, where we had a spirited dialogue about art, our families, and life on planet Earth. It felt comfortable inviting Lotta to coffee, because as she later remarked, "Drinking coffee is almost a religion in Sweden." Swedes may indeed drink more coffee than most anyone else.
The images on my post today are Lotta's work, taken from her Etsy site. You can check her textiles out here:

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  1. Hej Carina, thank you for featuring my work here! I really enjoyed our coffee, the conversation, and getting to know you!