Saturday, February 7, 2009

Two Round Robins

On Wednesday, I completed two round-robin projects, one belatedly and the second within the time guidelines. The first is just starting a 9-month journey, and the second has just one more stop before making it home.
Here, my first-ever button fairy has come out of the back pocket where she resides while traveling. She is suspended by a chain, and once out of the pocket, becomes a necklace.

The red buttons are part of a stash from my collection of vintage buttons. Red ones have attracted me since early childhood.

For this round-robin we were to make a necklace, a carrying device, and a booklet that allows fellow participants to record their thoughts. The project travels forward one person at a time every month. While it is in their possession, the fellow artist adds a charm, an element, or some modification to your project and hopefully contributes to your booklet. Each month you work on someone else's piece. After 9 months your piece comes back to you.
My booklet is an accordion-folded map with pockets that hold individual cards. Its cover is fashioned from a carton that contains 6 bottles of beer.

I thought the image of a redhead in a red dress was well-matched to the other elements in this project.

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