Sunday, March 8, 2009

A mere 100 minutes from home - Daytrip to Asheville , North Carolina

The University of Virginia in Charlottesville scheduled their Spring Break during this past week. My daughter came home for about half of her scheduled time off. During the second half of the week, she met a friend for a 4-day stay in Asheville, North Carolina. She invited me to come down during one of the days, so I took a short road trip to join the two on Saturday.

No, we didn't do any Easter shopping, nor did we try on any Easter bonnets, but I did appreciate this shop window on Lexington Avenue, shown above. Uh oh! Look out, Mr. Easter Bunny!

Several weeks ago, a co-worker rescued some plain Styrofoam heads from the trash and gifted them to me. These heads you see above, photographed at the resale shop Madame Butterfly, will serve as inspiration for some future alterations.

I just love having friends and co-workers who are willing to rifle through trash for me.

The weather was t-shirt warm and sunny. Here, the daughter is posing in front of some new Obama graffiti in an alley just off of Lexington Avenue.

After checking out the art at Blue Spiral Gallery, we ended our afternoon with dinner at Doc Chey's Noodle House. Doc Chey's sits on Biltmore Avenue and is located in downtown Asheville's oldest building. The eatery serves up affordable, Pan-Asian food with several tasty vegetarian options.

Afterwards, I headed back up over the mountains for home. The college seniors, on the other hand, set out for a night on the town. Apparently, I missed a good time at Club Hairspray.

Ah, to be young again!


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