Sunday, March 22, 2009

When Round Robins Collide

Actually, 'when round robins converge' would have been a more accurate, if less dramatic, title for this post.

As you may recall from previous posts, I am involved in various round robins through Yahoo groups. No, silly, a round robin is not a particularly plump, red-breasted bird. It is a type of project in which several participants take turns working on a project.

In these necklace round robins, we each start with a focal piece on a chain that is ours. We mail that on to the next person. That person then contributes an element to our necklace and sends it on to the next artist. All the pieces are in rotation, so ideally you have only one necklace at a time to work on. Each necklace has its own theme. They are all different.

Here the model dubbed 'Jane' shows off my additions to Raquel Fraga's necklace. Raquel titled her piece "Vintage Elegance" indicating that she likes things which are vintage, retro, and funky. As the third of nine hands this will eventually go through, I introduced the middle chain, using a Swarovski bracelet slider and bicone beads as the focal.

What about the collision/convergence, you ask? Well, the necklace above is part of the most recent round robin I am involved in. The previous one is now finishing up. My original piece has come home and I will be the last person to work on Dawn Seller's piece before it heads home to her on the west coast.

Until I head off to the post office this morning, three projects are at my house.
In a future post, I promise to relate how 'no-arm Jane' came to be my necklace model.


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