Wednesday, September 8, 2010

They beat me to the punch!

Last year, after making the spray paint and collage picture I call Simian Manifesto an idea popped into my head.

Cross this image with the iconic Che Guevara image taken by Alberto Korda in March of 1960 and turned into a famous poster.

Give it the title Viva la EvoluciĆ³n

I never got around to cutting a beret component for my chimp stencil.
Good ideas occur to more than one individual.

So last weekend in Asheville I saw that someone else did pull the concept together.

Hope it motivates me to put it in gear and run with my idea.


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  1. I've also seen a parody of this shirt that has A picture of Einstein, with the caption:"Viva la relativity!". One of my absolute favorites!