Sunday, February 27, 2011

There is a house in Abingdon

There is a house in Abingdon where the wild crocus grow.

Right on Main Street, there is a large old house in which it appears not a single person lives, not now anyhow. All the entrances are overgrown with evergreen hedge and foundation plantings blocking the doors.

The crocus have naturalized over the course of many years.

And put on a lovely show.

These crumbling concrete steps certainly do not lead to a point of entry.

But the flowers do not care.

They are happy in this setting.

Driving down Main Street Abingdon one weekend, I spotted this house and these flowers and thought you might want to see them too.


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  1. Karin this is beautiful! I run in and out of Abingdon so often in such a hurry. Thank you for the reminder to stop and see the world.