Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Vegan Doughtnut Eating Contest

One of Portland, Oregon's quirkier claims to fame would have to be Voodoo Doughnuts (the Magic is in the hole). They have been referred to as the Salvidore Dali of doughnut shops.

Above is a link to a short video by one of the founders, Kenneth "Cat Daddy" Pogson, promoting the stores. Known for unusual and creatively decorated wares, there are 3 shops, 2 in Portland and 0ne in Eugene. All locations also offer a variety of wedding packages,

including this one:

Deluxe Legal Voodoo Wedding


Legal wedding ceremony, coffee & doughnuts for
60 people, 700 sq ft Chapel, free parking,
doughnut centerpiece with bride and grooms
names on doughnuts.

Treasured doughnut varieties include the voodoo doll doughnut pictured below, which is of course stuffed with a red raspberry filling. Note the pretzel stake through the heart.

Not only does Voodoo Doughnuts make a Bacon Maple Bar doughnut, but they also feature a vegan variety with tempeh bacon. Varieties of vegan doughnuts abound at the shop which brings me to the tofu and potatoes of this tale.

The first place I stayed on my trip through the Pacific Northwest was the Hawthorne Avenue Hostel in Portland, Oregon. Early in my 5-day stay, two young, vegan women engaged in a doughnut eating contest in the main dining room. Their exact motivation for the contest was never stated and thus remains unclear.

They had purchased a baker's dozen vegan doughnuts and split the contents onto 2 plates.

And the contest began in earnest, doughnuts chugged down with soymilk.

Not another bite! Defeat may have been preordained in the selection process. A review of the doughnut shop informs me that the chocolate doughnuts are denser than the yellow ones.

On the home stretch now.

One last bite!

Victory is sweet.

Remember the magic is in the hole.


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