Saturday, June 11, 2011

1,114 Photographs Later

I'm back - in fact, I've been back for two weeks. An embarrassment of riches and some minor technical issues have kept me from my blog. Pesky things, those technical glitches.

Just to bring this tale up to speed, my one and only child just finished a gig teaching English in France. She was working in the public school system of a small town called St Etienne. She was an employee of the French government and had a 7-month contract.

As her contract concluded, I met her in France and we spent 24 days traveling in Europe together. The trials and tribulations we encountered were a result of various travel conditions and the two of us weathered those few storms rather well, and I hope to tell those stories here bit by bit.

Our travel itinerary included southern France, London, Berlin and 3 cities in Sweden.

Join me soon for the forthcoming travelogue.


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