Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fishy Pedicure

Being ever the paper magpie, I collect images as I travel. Of course the airport glossy promoting Lyon got snapped up and put in my bag. Reading it later on the train, one article in particular intrigued me.

Written in French and English, it proclaimed Rufa and Smoother. The article went on to explain that the small fish garra rufa, a Turkish native had found work in Asian markets, not as a menu item. but rather as an adjunct to footcare.The little beasties suck dead skin off your heels and tootsies, a concept that seems to engender strong responses. People I've told about this concept are either intrigued like me or entirely grossed out.

Never having heard of fish pedicures previously, I assumed there would be few other chances to encounter le petite poisson (the little fishies). So the daughter and I took the train to Lyon for a day trip. We seached out the spa Villeurbanne on avenue des Freres-Lumiere.

Not being much of a spa-goer myself, I found the disposable slippers fairly novel.

After a disinfecting wash, we lowered our feet into a square plexiglass aquarium that housed the enthusiastic little workers. It was incredibly ticklish at first, but then you got used to the sensation.

Note the complimentary coffee! Oh France, you get me.

Emerging with much smoother feet, we hopped the subway (metro?) and ran some errands on the Presqu'île and in old Lyon.

Would I do it again?
You Bet!


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