Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lily, Lily give me your answer

It was the hippiest of weddings, the union of a nephew and his Aussie ladylove. A wedding so unconventional and noncookie-cutter that the invitation came with a multipage manual, an invitation that arrived in a homemade envelope, folded from a magazine page.

Lily & Charlie writ in bicycle chain

And a manual was a handy item to have. Otherwise, how would you know to gather the requisite vial of water and fire token for the last of three planned ceremonies, the Union of Hearts? How could you select appropriate clothing for a 3-Day wedding event, an event that included a 5 mile bicycle ride, overnight camping and a formal evening soiree?

Taking place Friday, Saturday and Sunday August 19, 20 & 21st, I took so many pictures and have so many little tidbits to relate, that I have decided to split the tale into several shorter blog posts.

So come on back and visit my blog if....

you're interested in the sweet story of Lily and Charlie's wedding.


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