Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bicycle Parade

Friends on bicycles and bicycles, lots of bicycles, gathered at B.B.Clark beach on the shore of Madison's Lake Monona to await the arrival of the bridal couple. The word is their arrival will be slightly unusual.

They have been spotted. Arrival is by canoe with bicycles aboard.

As the sandy beach is roped off for swimmers, they must make land along a steeper portion of park shoreline.

Bikes are off loaded.

Standard wedding photography often features the bride carrying her bike ashore. (Trust me on this one.)

They look ready to lead the 5 mile bicycle trek to our campgrounds in Lake Farm Park on the shores of a different lake, Lake Waubesa.

All the folks that were local brought their own bikes. Several bikes made trips to the shop for a little refurbishing and upgrades.

For those of us coming from out of town, bicycles were obtained.

This green beauty was mine for the weekend.

It was nice having a girls bike complete with....

....a Tyrannosaurus shift knob.

After getting everyone organized....

....we're off.

Up (or is it down) Jenifer Street...

..onto a variety of streets, sidewalks and bike paths.

A rest and water break takes place in the shade of a few trees in a park off John Nolan Drive.

As inviting as the shade is, after a short interval, the group is off again toward the destination.

John Nolan Drive, generally a very busy divided highway is under construction. While this allows us to ride without traffic,it also presents a few obstacles.

Part of the railroad bed has been pulled up, necessitating walking your bike.

The pedicab (where the bride's father got a ride from one of his other daughters) needed an extra boost.

Bikes safely over this obstacle we ride on.

When we reach Lake Farm Park everyone hydrates a little.

And hangs out in the shade watching others pull in.

H2O tastes pretty good after a long ride.

Of course some of us were fortunate enough to have someone else do the pedaling for our ride to the park.

But Heidi says she still wants a drink of water!

Hope you enjoyed this very pictorial installment of the Lily and Charlie wedding saga.


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