Sunday, April 8, 2012

Suffer not the flowers

Settling in on the sofa, the daughter spots the flowers on the coffee table and asks "What's with the roses?" She knows that not only does her papa not have a standing account with the florist, he probably would be hard pressed to name the nearest shop. If I purchased flowers for myself, 3 roses would be an unlikely choice.

These flowers grace our coffee table through unusual circumstances. Saturday evening, before going to bed, I took the 2 house dogs for their customary nighttime walk. About a quarter mile from home, near our left turn, the dogs took an avid and atypical interest in an something in the grass, extended sniffing by both alerted me to an object of interest. A flashlight pulled from my pocket revealed 3 tightly budded roses, leather-leaf, babies breath and at a slight distance a ribbon bow.

Walking the dogs Sunday morning I found the vase. It, being heavier, had traveled a bit farther after being thrown from the open car window and had been less evident in the dark. The exact circumstances will remain speculation. Who tossed those roses? Did the recipient think they were inadequate to make up for bad behavior? Did the giver get a cell phone call en route to delivery and have angry second thoughts?

A mystery it is likely to remain, but I am enjoying those roses.


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  1. I love a good mystery! found your blog on the Art Fest Yahoo group.