Monday, May 7, 2012

Dignified Old Dogs

Old dogs know a thing or two about about dignity - and fake bunny ears are not part of the equation. Blame it on Facebook, all those Easter-time photos of dogs and cats sporting bunny ears. Blame it on digital cameras and the ease of photo processing.

 Yes, I gave in to peer pressure and my dogs suffered the consequences. I thought that pictures of our dogs in bunny ears would be a darling addition to the chocolates in the Easter basket, so I set about getting some. Levels of canine cooperation with this decidedly human venture varied.

Ranger, weighing in at 10 pounds and guessed to be a chihuahua and corgi mix seems genetically programmed to pose and wear adorable outfits. Just do not try to get little boots on his feet ( to prevent toe pad frostbite on frigid weather walks). He ain't having any part of that.

Greta, with a probable rottweiler and Australian herding dog heritage aims to please. While her look tells me she feels silly, if this is what her human wants, well then, she will do it.

Roxy, true to her terrier ancestry, just wanted to pull those ears off Greta's head and run around the dog yard shaking them, making sure they were dead, quite dead. Once they were on her head, it was a whole different story.

The dog aware of the dignity engendered in being the family's elder canine representative is Calypso (aka Butchie). She is your basic brown dog, with a family tree so interwoven with the various strains of dogdom that she identifies as nothing more specific than dog, a dog with dignity. At 14, she takes human foolishness with a grain of salt. While she will wear those preposterous ears, she will not look into the camera and pose.

After putting up with this whole business quite long enough..... thank-you.....she heads for home.


No use in calling her name, even if her deaf ears could hear me, she's done with this, done baby! No more photos and no comment!


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