Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh-la-la Granny Panties

Sensible white cotton panties wear out. Sometimes they get tossed, sometimes they become rags and sometimes they find a whole other use. This is just such a tale.

 Scrolling through photos taken at the past, last Artfest this spring I was drawn to some of the clothing worn by the stuffed creatures made in Junker Jane's class.

When she is not creating ghoulish, monster dolls or intriguing journal bags, Jane goes by the moniker Catherine Zacchino

The clothing detail that drew my attention was these crude little skull appliques on several outfits. Outfits that the monster dolls were wearing.Gathering up supplies including the backside of worn, white, cotton panties, black lining material from inside a wool skirt and some cast padding I made a material sandwich and got the sewing machine humming. My own little skullies would be forthcoming.

After sandwiching my layers, I drew skulls by hand with a Sharpie marker. The marker lines were stitched by machine with black thread. With a small, sharp detail scissors the eye sockets were cut open to reveal the underlying black lining material. Small, black beads were sewn on by hand to represent nostrils.

The first two sullies to find use were appliqued to the pockets of a thrift store navy colored scrub top. My daughter takes human anatomy this summer at Virginia Commonwealth University and I gave her these as a gift to wear to her lab section, Voodoo scrubs.


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