Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Daylily Farm

He was mowing lawn when I pulled in the driveway. Intent on his task, it took him a couple of minutes to notice my arrival. Turning off the mower, he walked over and offered a soft-spoken and slightly shy greeting.

A weathered wooden sign announces this floral oasis off a little side street in Wise, Virginia. Here Mike Marsingill tends an acre that features 200 varieties of daylilies soaking up all the available sunshine. Talking flowers broke the ice.

Recently featured in article in the Kingsport Times, I included the farm on a Saturday itinerary that already had me in the mountain community. My plan is to scrutinize the photographs that were taken and select one or two, okay maybe three favorite flowers. On my next trip up to Wise, I'll ask Mike to dig out and sell me those flowers that my garden just can not do without.

 Mike would have dug flowers that day, but my decision was to wait. I have the farm's address and phone number. Transplanting at the height of bloom is likely less than ideal and asking an older gent to dig in hot weather is assuredly less than optimal.

Besides, it is an excuse for another pleasant drive up into the mountains.


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  1. Carina has left a new comment on your post "While waiting in line ....":

    Ingrid - The gentleman in the hat, who is he? I'm thinking some composer. I seem to recognize the image, but can't place him and it bugs me no end.

    Carina, I am so sorry to post here, but there was not an email attached to your comment, nor could I find it anywhere and I did want to answer your question. I'm afraid I don't recall who the gentleman was, all I know is that it was in the public domain and I have since edited it somewhat. I have had the image for probably 5-6 years now and I am thinking that I probably found it at the Library of Congress. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    All my best- Ingrid