Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tattoo a banana - not quite a review


 A recent trip to the bookstore once again demonstrates that my credentials as a grownup could be up for review. My eyes spotted the book entitled Tattoo a Banana by Phil Hansen. That would be Phil Hansen the X-ray tech and artist, not Phil Hansen the former football defensive end for the Buffalo Bills. Of course I had to purchase the book.

Apparently, Phil has found ways to augment his lifestyle on credentials as suspect or even more so than my own. He has an intriguing website and this is first book.

The first project in the book does indeed instruct the reader in all the techniques required to tattoo a banana. The supply list includes a a banana, a pushpin or needle and a template. With practice you could either design your own template rather than using one photocopied from the book or freehand the task.

To watch the process, see time lapse of the bananas going to black and see Phil plug his book go to this video link

Can't wait to try the other ways to turn anything and everything into Art.


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