Sunday, July 29, 2012

Delta Rae @ Bele Chere

They were playing the only cover I would hear as I approached the Biltmore Stage at the Bele Chere Festival in Asheville Saturday. It was vintage Fleetwood Mac, The Chain, off the Rumours album. The strong vocal interplay by the voices of Brittany Holljes and Elizabeth Hopkins took the lead and reeled me in. I would eagerly watch their entire set and not wander off to see anyone else on any other stage.

Delta Rae has 4, count them four lead singers, three of which are siblings. Besides Brittany, her brothers Ian and Eric play instruments and have great pipes too. The brothers are the primary song writers and they have crafted some sweet and some powerful tunes. Rounding out this sextet are Grant Emerson on the electric and upright bass and Mike McKee on drums and other interesting percussion like chains and trash can lids.

This link will take you to Delta Rae's first professionally produced video.

This band is not easy to peg, as I found while cruising the web and gathering a little background  for this blog post. Various different sources called them Alt-Pop Americana, a Folk-Rock sextet, Americana pop or as decreed by their publicist Mumford and Sons meets Fleetwood Mac. Whatever category you put them in , the band weaves together multiple influences into a dynamic stage show that has been honed by significant quantities of travel and practice.


Delta Rae may be poised to take the next step toward larger audience recognition. From their self titled CD funded by Kickstarter, the band has recently signed with Sire records, a subsidiary of Warner Music. Their CD Carry the Fire was released June 19th and a week later they made their national television debut on the Jay Leno Show.

Signing posters and CDs after the performance.

Currently on tour, if Delta Rae plays near you, make a point to get yourself in the audience. You will not be disappointed.


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