Saturday, October 27, 2012

It feels like Christmas at Halloween

 There is something quite lovely about a package of goodies arriving in the mailbox. Goodies that other hands have made for you. Even if you know they are coming or maybe, it is especially sweet when you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the mail carrier.

Here I test my ability to operate a camera shutter with my left hand while slitting the package tape with a paring knife.

I belong to a Yahoo group called Charmsters. It was created by Laurel Stevens in 2007. We are a group of a little over 100 people that make and swap charms through the mail. Jean Brederode and Erin Keck became our group moderators in 2011.

Participants sign up for specific swaps that interest them. This Halloween swap was hosted by Lori Guerin. She sorted the charms that were submitted and shipped them to participants in this snazzy orange bag, fiercely guarded by the skeleton.

Here is my loot all spread out. Next I'll show you the charms one by one and tell you who made them.

 A dark stained clay pumpkin with a green glass leaf bead by Kimberly McIntosh

  Glass candy corn charm by Marjorie Grace Sayers

 A bag of assorted goodies and a small vial of stardust from Rena Azevedo Kiehn

 More goodie loot and a bead embellished skull by Anne Savage

 Dark chocolate and caramel square and a spooky, crackled eyeball by our host Lori Guerin

 Black cat in a Deschutes Brewery bottle cap by Eunice Oakley

 Shrinky Dink ghost with dangling  bead eyes by your truly

 Kooky bead embellished skull charm by Zhulia Abrock

 Glitter face in a bottle cap charm by Linda Bucci

 Fluffy black fiber embellished skeleton skull charm by Susan Zacher

 Fused glass gem and Shrinky Dink crow by Carol Ingram Moore

 Enameled candy corn by Susan Berry

 Clay licorice candy and bone skull duo by Amy Huff

Skull and stiffened baler twine scarecrow by Jo Morrison

As you can see we all put our own spin on these charms. Packaging and presentation are often almost as interesting as the charms themselves. Next step is to get these lovelies onto some necklace chain before the holiday overtakes me.

Have a spooktacular Halloween.


P.S. Charmsters - If I made any errors in spelling your name or describing your charm, leave a comment and editing will occur as rapidly as possible.


  1. Oh my! The Halloween Swap charms look fabulous!!! If any of your readers are interested in joining our little Charmsters' group, here's the web address:
    Jean Van Brederode

  2. wonderful eye candy ..wonderful art project.
    susan s.

  3. This is so great Carina. Thank you so much fot sharing, Erin