Sunday, October 21, 2012

Unexpected Beauty - Exit 17 Interstate 26 - North Carolina

Of all the places my travels take me, North Carolina's Department of Transportation seems to have the most successful wildflower program. The principal source of revenue is the sale of personalized license plates. A portion of the extra fee supports wildflower planting and highway beautification. Some folks also make direct contributions, 100% of which goes to the program.

This fall day, the sunflowers are making a glorious and cheery visual statement, but I have seen some lovely plantings of corn poppies and gaillardia in other seasons.

With faces or flower heads  that turn through the day to follow the path of the sun, sunflowers symbolize adoration.

Different sources on the language of flowers say that sunflowers represent loyalty and longevity...

or pure and lofty thoughts.

You get to pick your favorite interpretation.

This spot at exit 17 on Interstate 26 near Weaverville, North Carolina is an easy pull-off and it is just as easy to get back on, so stop and have a look if you pass on by.


It is a lovely autumn - enjoy it before the snow flies.



  1. Your pictures and descriptions of roadside flowers just wow me! I remember when Lady Bird Johnson became the first lady, her niche was to beautify the nation's cities and highways by planting a shrub, a tree or a bush (boosh, as she would say!) I thought Missouri had great flower plantings and wild blooms everywhere, but these pictures leave our state on the needy list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I had to laugh whwn I saw this. I actually live quite near this. The locals are often wondering about the people who pull over and take pictures here.
    It is a beautiful little section of roadside flowers. However I like to think North Carolina has done a great job of highway beautification! I enjoyed your photos!