Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ach du lieber - The German Iris - Sie blühen sehr ziemlich

The Rain

Sheets of rain run sideways,
pitter patter pools,
above my umbrella gray clouds loom,
iris blooms as full as coffee cups

Cloud burst and lighting strikes,
recycled rain from the beginning of time,
the earth drinks it in,
reclamation new but second hand

Splish splash the rivers fill fast,
as rain drops beat on tin roofs,
windshield wipers dance to the beat,
as a hole in my shoe begins to weep

Thunder claps to the performance,
as trees bend in their balance,
the earth seems refreshed and quenched,
raincoats wet in the mud room

The air fresh as washed anew,
and nature seems to bless and say thank you

Myrtle Thomas

I've always called this variety German iris, but technically I believe they are tall bearded iris.

Most of ours came from divisions given to my spouse by an elderly woman.

They are gorgeous and I am glad we can continue what feels a bit like a legacy.


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