Monday, December 7, 2009

Roadside U-pick and Vegetable Market

Witte's Vegetable Farm

These pictures represent quintessential Wisconsin in September to me, perhaps even a step back in time. While farmer's markets are gaining popularity, U-pick operations seem to be awaiting a similar resurgence in their prospects.

The slightly rolling landscape, fertile fields and dark green trees of late summer remind me of where I grew up.

Witte's is both a pick-your-own and a farm stand operation. The vegetables you see in the front bin are kohlrabi, a vegetable you do not see in the grocery store, either fresh or frozen.

Local Honey

Not only do carnival squash taste great, you have to admire their lovely coloration too.

The mottled shades of green, yellow and gold are definitely part of the fall color palette.

Brussels Sprouts

The best Brussels sprouts are those picked after the plant has been kissed by a frost, they acquire an added sweetness then, so these stalks are too early to be the very best.


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