Tuesday, July 14, 2009

His Claim to Fame was Growing Potatoes that Looked Like Butts

This past Saturday was gorgeous here in southwestern Virginia. Temperatures slowly climbed into the low 70's and the big blue sky held a handful of white clouds for the sun to play peek-a-boo.

The morning brought my first visit to the Abingdon Farmer's Market since the new shelter was erected. The Bristol Market is a more frequent destination.

Once at the market, a friend takes me by the arm and discreetly points out one of the vendors. In a low voice she tells me that he is famous for growing potatoes that look like butts. Skeptical as always, I went to investigate.

So it's not exactly like seeing the Virgin Mary on a tortilla or Elvis on a piece of toast, but it is noteworthy. While I can indeed authenticate the potatoes' resemblance to certain portions of the human anatomy, I am unable to verify the extent of this farmer's fame.

They put out the garlic jelly to spread on wheat crackers and it was quite delicious.

They also cut up the heirloom tomatoes for tasting. When this photo was taken, the farmer voiced concern that this was not a very attractive portion of the tomato. I think it is easily the best photograph I took Saturday.

And Squash here wants to know what yer lookin' at. "You've seen all the butts you're gonna see, so move it on along!"


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