Monday, July 6, 2009

Spray Paint - Like an airbrush, only sloppier!

From Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary
Inflected Form(s):
slop·pi·er; slop·pi·est
1 a: wet so as to spatter easily : slushy sloppy racetrack> b: wet or smeared with or as if with something slopped over

Yeah, that's the ticket, sloppier!

Spatter, splatter, splash, speckle, slop, spot, scatter, strew, sparge, squish
A touch of Dr Seuss and a bit of onomatopoeia, that's what you get when you combine reading poemcrazy


an on-line class in using spray paint and stencils.


Dorothy, definitely somewhere other than Kansas, may be a bit of a stretch for my artistic skills but the journey is begun. Below I am going to post my portfolio cover pages created after the lessons of week one.

In this on-line class there are 4 lessons total, with a new lesson posted every Friday. Each lesson consists of several video demonstrations and some PDF downloads. It is offered By Mary Ann Moss and is called Pure Experimentation : Stencilry.

Week One showed us how to use spray paint and spray ink with non-traditional stencils. Mary Ann demonstrated using paper doilies, plastic placemats, lace, sequin waste and chipboard shapes.

It being summer and living where the land produces leaves in abundance, I chose to use a few leaves as non-traditional stencil material. These sheets will be duct taped together to form the front and back pages of a portfolio to house the visual journal pages we will be making in future classes.

So are you wondering yet, a class using spray paint as an art material, you paid good money for this? No, I do not aspire to become a graffiti artist, at least I don't think so. It is just that I like to flirt with chaos, dabble with an art medium where random chance shares footing with artistic intent.

Let's see where the next few weeks of lessons take me.


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