Monday, July 20, 2009

Spray - Cutting my own stencils

Installment number two of my spray paint odyssey has me cutting my own stencils. The first two cut were of a clapper rail (a type of shore bird) and a curled tail dog. I decided to make instant mail art by doing my initial test spray of the stencil on a large yellow padded envelope.

The stencils were cut out of a heavy plastic using a stencil burner. It leaves the delicate aroma of melting plastic wafting through the air.

Here I have combined a commercial stencil with the one I cut and placed them on a lace embedded spray paint background.

I really like how the circular commercial stencil resembles a stain glass window. To achieve this effect, the stencil was given an overall coat of yellow paint, then three little spritzes of red and then black paint, without ever moving the stencil.

These are supposed to be art journal pages so I need to add some text to this one, but it is otherwise finished.



  1. Umm. This looks like real art. That you could sell.

  2. Hey Carina! Your stencil art is really awesome!!! I love the colors and design. Where do you get the tool? THX for the cool PC too! Janet