Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here are photographs of two postcards that started journeys to Charlottesville and Seattle with today's post. They will go that distance for a mere 28 cents.

Postcards by United States Postal Regulation may not exceed 4 and 1/4 inches by 6 inches. If you make them larger than that, they go for the same postage rate as a letter.

These are experiments in spray paint from the on-line stencilry class I recently took from Mary Ann Moss. The stencil image is larger than the postcard format. When seen in full, it is the image of a barefoot young woman gathering flowers in her skirt or perhaps her apron.

Brighten someones day by sending something personal in the mail today.



  1. Yay! PC made it to Seattle! It is so cool!!! I love the colors and how the blues are laid out in a positive/negative transition. The "flower child" is really well done. At first I thought of Princess Leah - with the little bun - but the flowers in her hand show up really good!
    So bare feet are currently the hip new fashion...somehow I am not surprised.

    But really, I'm gonna have to give this stenciling a try. It looks too fun. Janet

  2. Are you taking the next class from Mary Ann too? I enjoy your blog so much!