Thursday, March 11, 2010

Celebrating the life of Granny D

Just a few words to mark the passing of a woman I greatly admired. This past Tuesday Doris "Granny D" Haddock departed this earth and Dublin, New Hampshire at age 100.

Portrait by Robert Shetterly

Her portrait and this quote from her can be found in the children's book "Americans Who Tell The Truth"

Just as an unbalanced mind can accumulate stresses that can grow and take on a life of their own, so little decisions of our modern life can accumulate to the point where our society finds itself bombing other people for their oil, or supporting dictators who torture whole populations--all so that our unbalanced interests might be served.

Granny D entered mainstream public awareness when she walked from southern California to Washington D.C. to advocate for campaign reform.

By clicking on the purple toned You Tube link below you can watch a short video featuring Doris.

Doris was a liberal activist with several interests and causes. She was scheduled to speak at Fighting Bob Fest this past September in Baraboo, Wisconsin, but took the advice of her doctors advising against traveling. She sent a video message rather than appearing, so I did not get to see this little dynamo speak in person.

To me Granny D embodied the spirit of democracy and the power of one committed person to create change. I hope to channel her spirit when the advocacy for change becomes tough sledding.


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