Saturday, March 27, 2010

For Your Entertainment - Lost Things

Lost Things is a short stop-motion film... Written & Directed by - Angela Kohler.

It is a short dose (2minutes 12 seconds) of sweet, dream-like imagery that made my smile and may well do the same for you.

If you enjoyed that little video, the good news is there are many more lovely bits at her blog.

Angela Kohler
a sketchbook haphazard
photographic flotsam and jetsam with a side of doodle soup, please.
This would be the link (portal?) to her blog

Angela is an independent photographer. The quote on her bio reads:

When I was small I wanted to be a ballerina, or a painter, or a magician, or a trapeze artist.
Now I am a photographer, which is kind of like being all those things, only you get to fly more and don't have to worry as much about your figure.

Watching video shorts like this make me wonder what a young Federico Fellini would have put up on youtube had he been born in our era.


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  1. oh, carina! that was wonderful! i love federico fellini...and la strada...ahhh :') thanks for posting...will share with a friend xo