Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New month - Same forecast

A page from an old Mary Engelbreit calendar and a quote from Kurt Vonnegut Jr. will start out this post.

Johnny Wood our local morning news anchor would seem to personify Mr. Vonnegut's quote. With a face and a physique more suited to radio, he is the beloved fixture of our local morning news programming and is often quoted. The quote from yesterday has become the title and theme of this post, "New month, same forecast".

Yesterday morning, I walked the dog in 29 degree temperatures with a light snow falling.

As hungry as I am for spring and greenery, I had to admit it was a very lovely snow, one of those that sits lightly and traces the edges and outlines surfaces.

With the dog walked and tucked back in to his warm doggy bed, I ventured back out to get the garbage to curbside and camera in hand to take few shots.

Coneflower seed heads pose holding snowflakes.

And the mailbox awaits postcard and letter delivery.


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