Friday, March 12, 2010

Nothing but Crocus!

After walking the dog and settling down with morning coffee, I checked the weather forecast and saw rain was the dominant theme for the upcoming weekend.

As the crocus here was reaching peak bloom, some photographic documentation of that very fact seemed in order.

So I grabbed the camera and laid on my belly in the damp leaves and took a few crocus portraits.

I take pleasure in the energy displayed by these blossoms pushing leaves and last season out of the way and insisting that spring is upon us.

The corms that become crocus each spring are not very large and tend to multiply in sites they like. After the blooms and leaves go dormant it is easy to unearth the corms during normal gardening activities. As a result the flowers show up in place they were never planted.

Perhaps the squirrels help in this random corm distribution. Each year there are more crocus blossoms in the lawn, and as I do not use commercial weed killer, these rather lovely weeds persist.

Most of these blossoms are in their intended sites at the edge of the wood.

As it was still cool out and the blooms had yet to open, no honey bees had arrived to have their picture taken. As the day warms and the blossoms open, the bees take to this early season nectar source avidly.

I could not hang about to observe the work of bees as my own work beckoned and it was time to head for the shower and a change of clothes.


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  1. I envy you so much! I planted my crocus years ago and it hasn't bloomed. The little leaves do come up, but no flower. Lovely shots anyway! I'm glad spring is here.