Sunday, January 25, 2009

The fragrance of Memorial Day

As a baby blogger, I am unreasonably proud of my silly self with this post. It is the first one wholly and entirely completed by me. The preceding six posts were the results of collaboration at various levels between my daughter and/or friends and myself. Moving pictures from either the web or personal files was the most challenging component and one that is not yet, I suspect, fully mastered.

The flowers above are peonies, one of my favorite perennials. Growing up in Wisconsin, peonies were just starting to bloom on Memorial Day and their wonderful aroma speaks to me of the promise of long childhood summers. Where I live now, in the hills and mountains of southwestern Virginia, summer arrives a little earlier and stays a little longer. Peonies are just finishing up their bloom come Memorial Day.

In middle adulthood, though summer weather lasts longer on the calendar where I live, summers seem ever so much more fleeting. The fragrances are different too. Now, the smell of buddleia or butterfly bush says summer to me.

Here in the heart of winter, the gardener in my soul has been spending time with the seed catalogues and plotting another season.


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