Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tiger, tiger burning bright

This self-portrait is in response to Misty Mawn's invitation to join her in working her art journal every day during the month of January. Somehow, because Misty started her entries with self-potraits, I overgeneralized and thought this was a significant component of the challenge. Going back and rereading her prompt, I see that "there are no rules".....all you need is basic art supplies....."and a little time for yourself to play."

I am a photography, scissors and glue kind of an artist, so collage was of course my designated mode of play. A headshot of Lindsay Benner, a juggler and street performer, inspired the photo I composed for the collage.

A flaming teacup visually spoke of ideas that just seem to erupt out of nowhere and demand to find an outlet. The William Blake poem (Tiger, tiger burning bright) reinforced that theme.

Julie Cameron says that the creative process is a process of surrender, not control. That seems right. Last spring, I enjoyed a class with Anahata Katkin. She paced the day-long class to emphasize doing. "Stop living in your head and just create" was a clear message. Don't overthink the process!

This collage represents my latest attempt to do just that. The work of other challenge participants is on a Flickr site linked to Misty's blog. (You can find her blog on my left sidebar). It is a visual treat to visit. You may wish to indulge youself.


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  1. This just makes me laugh! It's SO you. Perfect self-portrait -- droll, witty, creative.