Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bookbinding seems to have found me- at least this year

There seem to be different themes and threads that run through my art involvement. Last year, I kept bumping into the concept of translucency, items and images obscured and not quite. Bookbinding has a longer history with me, and it seems to have found me, weaving its way in and out of my experiences. Perhaps my muse is doing a lot of work behind the scenes.

Art Journals by many different artists

Artfest, a 5-day mixed media workshop and extravaganza that takes place at Fort Worden State Park near the Victorian era fishing village of Port Townsend, Washington has been mentioned in previous posts. Above you see a display of art journals laid out on a table there.

Teehsa and Tracy Moore host Artfest each spring and this is where I first encountered Tracy's journals.

His journals have a very distinctive style and I recall thinking some day these will be in a museum. I was jazzed to be able to hold, touch and examine the journals at my leisure. Turning the pages and examining content was delightful.

Made of metal and leather, Tracy's journals have substantial heft and evoke an earlier era. When I found he was teaching a class on constructing journals in Cleveland, I jumped at the opportunity.

Tracy does not teach at Artfest, being too busy with the logistics of coordinating an event bustling with 550 high energy participants.

Tracy's blog, Sustained Confusion, has a story with photos of the Cleveland workshop. He beat me to the blogosphere with the story.

Here is a photo of Tracy with Daughter Trista. His blog photo would not aid in locating him in a crowded room.

Tracy is an avid Lomo photographer and houses some of his intriguing photos in this album. You would love to be able to look inside like I did.

Tracy's journals range widely in size from quite large to itty bitty.

Book of Small Wonders pictured above is one of those small ones.

Now you know what enticed me to make a 466 mile trip to Cleveland. The next post should show what the class made although Tracy's blog does give you a sneak peek at that.



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