Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ohio - Just Outside Cleveland

I've been away, 465 miles away, in the western burbs of Cleveland, Thursday through Monday. Thursday and Monday were travel days spent on the interstate highway system, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday were classroom days, fabulous art classroom days spent making odd and wonderful stuff.

Once a month, May through November Ginny Carter Smallenburg and John Smallenburg are hosting weekend workshops with top teachers in the field of mixed media. If you've been following the mixed media scene for a while you may know Ginny as the proprietor of the store Creative Block in Westlake, Ohio and one of the forces behind Art Continuum, an annual workshop event from 1998 to 2004. She continues to provide supplies for altered art, ATCs, book binding, collage, assemblage, card making and other artful pursuits through an on-line store.



Teaching this weekend were the husband and wife team Teesha and Tracy Moore. Teesha's class made an 8x8 hardbound journal. She taught bookbinding technique, collage and paint techniques, and instructed extensively in how to create art journal pages.


Tracy taught a class in metal book and jewelry making. I have admired his books from afar for several years now and was very pleased to be in this class.

As my photographs get uploaded, pictures of the wonderful pieces made in class will be posted to this blog, so stay tuned......



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