Friday, July 9, 2010

Sublime Spaces, Forgotten Places

It was only on the street in Charlottesville a short interval, June 11th through June 23rd, but my trusty camera captured a few images to share with you.

Located at the recently paved patio area on Second Street at the Landmark Hotel construction site I found Margo Ray's latest "water tank".

The interior of her construction included a variety of images.

Paint and collage with photographic images were incorporated.

A fascination with rocket launches and space capsules was evident.

I could not determine which Renaissance painters or philosophers the space capsule carried.

Margo Ray in front of another water tank interior
La Pastora - The Shepherdess's Dream

Her bio informs me:

Margo Ray is a printmaker, painter and book artist from the Big Island of Hawaii. She holds an MFA from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec and a BA in Studio Arts from University of Hawaii at Hilo. She approaches her artistic practice through the process of collection: postcards, tourist memorabilia, old photographs and playing cards that she incorporates into her work through various print media processes.

Margo’s work investigates notions of authenticity and vulnerability as well as her relationship to the natural world by creating surreal compositions where she uses drawn and photographic images of animals, plants, architecture and explosions to communicate her imagined world. Margo currently lives and works in Honoka'a, Hawaii.

I love finding surprises like temporary, turquoise water tanks with strange collage work while visiting my daughter. It gives me yet another reason to carry a camera.



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