Sunday, July 4, 2010

Details in Corrugated Board

This, the last of three posts regarding the Grashow exhibit at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke, Virginia takes a peek at some of the construction details of the corrugated fountain. The various figures are constructed entirely out of cardboard, paper mache, brown paper and glue with some wood in the bases for stability.

As an occupational therapist by training, I pay greater attention to hands than the average person, so I was impressed by the way corrugated board was put together to convey hands in use and in repose.

Aren't the fingernails nifty.

My guess is that the eye was shaped within or over some sort of dome.Go to this youtube video for more details.

Is it my interpretation or does the area by this big toe indicate a bunion? On a god the spends most of his time barefoot? Probably not.

Which of course makes me wonder about the sculptor's feet. While we are supposedly crafted in the maker's image, one wonders if these gods are crafted in their maker's image, a blasphemous thought it would seem.

A hand surgeon of my acquaintance claims that feet are nothing more than dumb hands, but the hands in this exhibit are much more expressive than the feet, as hands ought to be.

Check out my previous two posts to learn more about this exhibit at the Taubman.


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